In a Blur​/​Faded Ground


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"A medley of experimental rock, jazz, and piano pop, the Chicago group has composed a complex release with a lot of heart – and heartache – woven into its lines." - The Permanent Rain Press


released January 1, 2016

Jake Bronson- Keyboards
Rob Dicke- Drums
Robin Fey- Guitar
Jackson Kidder- Bass
J.T. Teichert- Vocals, Piano
Zach Yanez- Drums

Amanda Patino- Vocals, "Out of Reach"
Chelsie Coren- Vocals, "Lately"
Celeste Esquivel- Vocals, "Lost at Sea"
Ariel Glassman- Vocals, "Lost at Sea"

All songs produced by Jake Bronson



all rights reserved


JUST Chicago, Illinois

Jake Bronson
Rob Dicke
Robin Fey
Jackson Kidder
Amanda Patino
Michael Plankey
J.T. Teichert
Zach Yanez

JUST is an alternative rock group that draws upon styles and elements of piano pop, indie-rock, and jazz.

In a Blur/Faded Ground - 1/1/16
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Track Name: We Can
Wasting away go the thoughts in my head.
There's a spot in my mind that I need you to be.
I'm fighting the weather my fingers are bringing.
The taste that you left in my mouth I will savor.
The taste that you left in my mouth I will savor.

You're calling me, I'm plummeting.
You're reaching out. You scream, I shout.

I'm trying to get to a place that I dream of.
There is a way.
There is a way.

You are the conch that I put to my ear.
The sea and your heart beat is all that I hear.
We can fall inside the sea

but we won't drown.
Your words, my sound.
Breathe in, our frowns go upside down.
Track Name: Out of Reach
You have what I've always tried to find:
the things that I have tried to have.

I hear you calling morning to afternoon.
I hear you in my sleep.
You think of all the ways I was an offer to refuse.

You're out of reach.
Track Name: Rabbits
I am the rabbit you pulled from your hat.
You whispered these words and you made me appear,
"Oh, and I don't know why."
"Oh, and I don't know why."

You took my sight and made me blind,
Without my sight, how will I see?
It beats me.

I am the card that you pulled from your sleeve.
A wave of you are arms, you made me appear.
Oh, and I don't know why.
Oh, and I don't know why.

You took my voice and made me mute.
Without my voice, how will I sing?
It beats me.
Track Name: Sink
The ceiling is caving inward.
I’m frozen. I’m stuck.
The scene I’d envisioned is crumbling:
A plant that won’t grow.

Calling for blue skies, when the green hasn’t left the dirt.
Waiting for flowers when the seed hasn’t left the earth.

I can’t help it now.
Track Name: Lost at Sea
The sun is never as bright.
Although I'm warm through the day, I shiver at night.
Unseen, unheard, my thoughts stay blurred,
maybe, it's time to share what's inside.

Am I really alone?
I dream of running through the world, but I keep coming home.
The spark we share cannot compare.
I cannot stand to let you go.

How will I know if you drift away from me?
How will I know if you sink into the deep?
How will I know if you're lost at sea?

They say there's someone out there for everyone.
If I don't make the right choice, it'll all be gone.
If I let you leave, cast out to sea, you will never return to my ocean.
You are the misshapen cloud that encircles my sky but ruffles my frown.
I'm lost although I barely know what it is,
but, I hope it'll all work out.

I'm lost in the tide,
I'm lost inside,
I'm lost in the time,
I'm lost at sea.
Track Name: Lately
Lately I've been crying out for you to hear.

Running away from the place I was found.
far from here.

There's space near me.

My thoughts cannot be stopped.
They'll drown anything threatening.

There's space near me.

I've struggled to figure it out.
I just can't seem to find the answers.
Somehow, I'll figure out.
We'll know exactly what we're after

One day, you'll return. Only then will I have learned.
Track Name: Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground
I never felt in your words,
I never felt it in your presence,
I never felt it in your touch,
I never felt it in your stare,
I never felt it in your state,
I never felt it in your moment,
I only felt it in the end.

Please don't go.

Don't go, don't look back down.
Your feet don't touch the ground.
You don't have to say it now.
I found out.

Please don't go.
Track Name: New Sight, New Years
I do not know how you have grown far away
In a blur, faded ground, painted skies, city stains

Stuck calling out words that you don't want to hear
Caught up inside of the new surroundings, new sight, new years

Cut the ropes without a blade, in the fog, without a sound
It was your great, great escape.
Who would've known you were underground?

Why don't you ever realize?